Sunday, March 7, 2010

Has it Really Been That Long?

     I had no idea when I logged on tonight that it had really been 3 months since I "blogged".  It is just like so many others things in life, where does the time go?  I was challenged in Sunday School this morning how important it is that we share with our children examples of when God is faithful to our family.  When I ponder over the last 3 months I cannot help but be grateful for just that...He has done so much for the Murphy family, He has been SO faithful.  
     I am learning to live more simply not just with things but with my social life and free time.  In Winter Garden I had this plethora of people and places to keep me busy and make my life seem full.  Here I have found I have so much "alone time" (Always with Lilli but for me 1 feels like almost alone.)  The first 6 months up here felt like an extended vacation and I seemed to cherish the quiet time I had.  But then the Holidays rolled around and the homesickness kicked in, and I found myself feeling a little too alone. The weather wasn't helping either; day after day of bitter cold and NO sunshine really took an effect on my soul.  But God was faithful!  And every time I felt a wave of hopelessness God placed in my path some little reminder of why I am here and who I am in Him.
     Today it was 70 and the sun shinning bright and it was so sweet to catch a glimpse of some beautiful Florida weather.  After a great morning of church, and lunch with the family, I got some quiet time outdoors to soak in the rays and thank God for his faithfulness.  While I knew He would never leave me nor forsake me it was nice to be reminded that He is ALWAYS there!