Sunday, March 7, 2010

Has it Really Been That Long?

     I had no idea when I logged on tonight that it had really been 3 months since I "blogged".  It is just like so many others things in life, where does the time go?  I was challenged in Sunday School this morning how important it is that we share with our children examples of when God is faithful to our family.  When I ponder over the last 3 months I cannot help but be grateful for just that...He has done so much for the Murphy family, He has been SO faithful.  
     I am learning to live more simply not just with things but with my social life and free time.  In Winter Garden I had this plethora of people and places to keep me busy and make my life seem full.  Here I have found I have so much "alone time" (Always with Lilli but for me 1 feels like almost alone.)  The first 6 months up here felt like an extended vacation and I seemed to cherish the quiet time I had.  But then the Holidays rolled around and the homesickness kicked in, and I found myself feeling a little too alone. The weather wasn't helping either; day after day of bitter cold and NO sunshine really took an effect on my soul.  But God was faithful!  And every time I felt a wave of hopelessness God placed in my path some little reminder of why I am here and who I am in Him.
     Today it was 70 and the sun shinning bright and it was so sweet to catch a glimpse of some beautiful Florida weather.  After a great morning of church, and lunch with the family, I got some quiet time outdoors to soak in the rays and thank God for his faithfulness.  While I knew He would never leave me nor forsake me it was nice to be reminded that He is ALWAYS there!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Highlights

I love love love being at home to do the little things.  Making cookies from scratch and watching Lilli's face light up when she gets to lick the extra batter.   Life is good!

Parker (being #5) rarely gets the spotlight, so boy was he proud to have all his brothers and sisters at his special Christmas performance.  His K-4 class dressed up as reindeer's and while I'm partial, I know he was the cutest Rudolph  we have ever seen.  Fun family day to celebrate our little Parker boy!  We love you buddy, and are so excited about all God is doing in your life!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The give and take...

One day we are poor and the next day we feel rich.  It seems like God gives us just what we need, and I think for good reason.  As humans we almost don't know what to do with more and so we become wasteful, ungrateful or even foolish.  And so just as quickly as He gives, He can take away.  Don't forget to communicate with God when things are running smooth, so that He recognizes your voice when you need Him!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So much to be thankful for...

The holidays are just around the corner and I cannot help but reminisce of all God has blessed the Murphy's with.  We joined our little church in downtown Geneva, and feel at home with the pastor and sweet people.  Since then Madeline asked Jesus in her heart, and she and Tanner both got baptized at the first service of our newly renovated sanctuary.  It was so cool to be apart of the double celebration and an easy way to remember the date.  I can just see Madi walking down the isle and getting married in that same beautiful sanctuary where she became a new girl in Christ.  As a mom you pray and dream and hope, and I am comforted to know our oldest 3 now have a place in heaven!
Erick and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary, and spent some sweet time rekindling the romance.  I tried to get creative with gifts this year and so I spent a good bit of time writing down all of those little memories of our last 10 years.  I recalled the houses we have lived in and the babies we brought home from the hospital. It was truly overwhelming emotionally to see on paper all God has really done.  I am proud to be a wife in progress to a patient and faithful man.  We have laughed more in this little cabin, and just enjoyed each others company...  I cherish the time I get to spend with him.
Thankful as well for Jake, as he wraps up an awesome season of some very intense football!  He has learned so much, and grown as an individual.  He walked on to a team with strong established players and got several hundred yards in as first string.  Better still Jake has begun to verbalize his understanding of why God moved us here.  His growth as a bold man for Christ has made us proud and we see God's hand at work in his life.
Lastly, our feisty little princess has potty trained herself.  At a little under 2 1/2 she exclaimed she was "underwear" not "diapers" and has completed her transition into "big girl-hood". 
So we are soaking in the beautiful fall, with our windows open and our hearts full.  Thankful for family visiting several weeks in a row, and ready for the holidays and quality time together!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Geneva Homecoming Parade

Geneva has such a hometown feel, oh and that is our church in the background...where the parade began.

Thank God for those who sacrifce for us- God bless America!

Geneva beauty queen!